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    Mobile-push based
    platform business delivering
    As the demands of sending messages(commercial information, advertisement)
    to customer increase and the costs of messages are rising,
    Nk-now will lead the messaging market through its in-app push-based message service.
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    Cultural contents
    platform business
    As understanding the market needs with cultural environment analysis
    and building the database of cultural content creators, Nk-now discovers the new cultural contents market by bridging the gap between the suppliers and demanders.
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    Festival Curation
    Platform Service
    FestivalNow is a real-time curation platform that provides live festival
    news from all over the country through 1:1 voice-based festival-specialized communication channel.
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    verification solution, PerfecTwin
    PerfecTwin can verify the completeness and performance of development
    functions by automatically reproducing actual transactions (transactions) of the
    AS-IS operating system to the TO-BE system.