Festival Curation Platform Business

Festival Now is a training platform
that provides live festival news from all over the country in real time through various analysis.

This is the first 1:1 voice-based festival-specialized communication channel in Korea. This service utilizes real-time voice, text, and video to respond
to various customer questions quickly and accurately.

[Real time Real event Real experience]

Service System / How it works

3Ch Hot-line
  • Promote the situation through the public-private partnership system
  • Seize the golden-time with the fastest possible response
RTMM System(Real Time Monitoring & Marketing System)
  • Continuous Information Interworking System through the Network between the on-site curator and the Data Curator Centre
  • Continuous information link system through network between on-site curators and data curation centres
  • Integrated system that links festival big data(online, information operation data) and real time information at festival sites to the festival information management system to utilise and deliver the facts and experience-based data from the site
Festival Analysing System
  • After the end of the festival, various results and information values of service execution are analysed to support strategic decision making of festival planning and operation for the following years
  • Analyse and improve the festival through structured and unstructured data analysis, such as festival visitor information, curation center inquiry information, customer satisfaction, media materials, SNS VOC data, etc
  • Survey on consumer satisfaction at home and abroad
Viral marketing for festival visitors
  • Integrated social-focused marketing both online and offline
  • Exposure effects using domestic and international festival promotion channels

Effects / What to be expected

Festival visitors
  • Live information delivery (Live festival information at the site will be quickly delivered to individual mobile devices as as a form of voice, text, and video)
  • Festival emergency curation (preparation for various accidents during the event period, private emergency relief)
  • Foreign Language Guidance Service (Foreign Language Guidance Service about the festival information for foreign tourists visiting Korea)
Festical operation
  • Differentiated Customer Counseling Service (RTMM system handles customer enquiries and inconveniences in real time)
  • Promote positive image of "safe festival" through emergency curation
  • Quantitative statistical data and festival results report are provided (an analysis and evaluation of the festival in general, diagnosing improvement points to establish the foundation for the festival growth)
government and institutions
  • Contributes to growth as a global festival through festival branding
  • Reinvents the image of local governments and our country by putting the safety of the people first
  • Contributes to balanced regional development