Festival Curation Platform Business

PerfecTwin is a general-purpose
verification solution developed by LG CNS.

It can automatically reproduce actual transactions of the AS-IS operating system in the TO-BE system to verify the completeness and performance of development functions.
(Global and domestic patent applications in 5 countries)

a service feature

No need for scenario/case definition
  • No need to define test scenarios/cases or review for elaboration
Immediate verification results
  • Automatic comparison of success/failure and matching AS-IS/TO-BE results
  • Immediate confirmation of failed transactions and provision of defect data
Support various verification methods
  • Support of screen integration and separation mapping(1:N, 1:1, N:1 mapping)
  • Reproduce by selecting a transaction in real time or at a specific time
  • Selective application at specific tasks or users through filtering
  • Inbound/Outbound, synchronous/asynchronous external connection test support
  • Apply AS-IS → TO-BE (forward direction), TO-BE → AS-IS (reverse direction), TO-BE → TO-BE (regression test)
Data encryption and tampering support
  • Support for alteration processing log removal or encryption, masking for sensitive information
Not effect on the operating system
  • No need to change the program or architecture of the existing operating system
  • Capture's CPU usage is around 2%~3% on average

Use case

The next generation of K Life Insurance ('18.05~'19.09)
  • Product proposal value (insurance premium, cancel refund, guarantee details, proposal, etc.)
  • Over 1 million real-time verification and identification of types of discrepancies
→ 100% match rate secured, formal solution introduction contract signed
N Card Next Generation ('19.05~'19.08)
  • External approval transaction (Credit, Cash) and Point business verification
  • Defect removal through verification of 10 million transactions per day (100 million total)
→ Secure 99~98% success rate at the 8th verification
K Life Insurance SM ('19.12~)
  • Compare the result of Excel with the calculated program value when revising the product
  • After reflecting the changes in the operating environment, verify in the test environment (automatic regression test)
→ Securing over 99% verification coverage, reducing verification time by 80%, eliminating other program influences and error rates
S Cloud conversion ('19.06~'19.10)
  • Function and performance verification after transition to public cloud (AWS)
  • Defect removal and optimization through verification of over 4 million actual transactions
→ Same as prediction performance when open
K Securities IT infrastructure replacement ('19.09~'19.11)
  • Application function and performance verification according to infrastructure replacement
  • Defect removal through verification of approximately 440,000 actual transactions
→ 28 SQL errors and 253 DBIO tuning